Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement and Disclosure

First Step Financial Solutions ACN 140 291 938 Australian Credit Licence Number 392259, and related entities (‘us’, ‘we’) may use personal information about you for the purpose of arranging or providing credit, insuring credit and for direct marketing of products and services offered by First Step Financial Solutions or any organisation First Step Financial Solutions is affiliated with or represents.

The information provided by you will be held by us. You can gain access to the information held about you by contacting us. You have the right to request not to receive direct marketing material.

You agree that we, our related entities, and any other person or company who at any time provides or has any interest in the credit can do any of the following at any time.

  1.  Commercial credit information: Seek and use commercial credit information about you to assess an application for consumer credit or commercial credit.
  2. Consumer information: Seek and use consumer credit information about you to assess an application for commercial credit or consumer credit.
  3. Exchange of information with originators: Seek from and use or give, personal information and details of your account to any mortgage broker, mortgage originator, or mortgage manager.
  4. Exchange of information with advisers: Seek from and use, or give to any originator, financial consultant, accountant, lawyer, or other adviser acting in connection with any financing provided or proposed to be provided to you, any personal information, consumer or commercial credit information.
  5. Provide information in relation to disputes and enquiries: Disclose consumer credit information, commercial credit information, and personal information to any industry body, tribunal or court or otherwise in connection with any complaint regarding the approval or management of your loan – for example if a complaint is lodged about any person who dealt with your loan.
  6. Disclose personal information: Disclose personal information about you as required by law, or to organisations involved in providing credit to you, any associate or contractor of us, (including, for example, stationery printing houses, mail houses, lawyers, accountants), or people considering acquiring or taking an interest in our business, or assets.
  7. Sending you marketing material: we may use your personal information for marketing purposes. This includes contacting you by telephone, SMS, email or mail.
  8. Customer Identification: Disclose personal information about you to an organisation providing on-line verification of an individual’s identity for the purposes of the Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-Terrorism Financing Act
  9. Consent to us giving you notices electronically. You consent to us giving you notices and other documents in connection with our dealings with you by email. You understand that upon your giving of this consent:
      • we will no longer send paper copies of notices and other documents;
      • you should regularly check your nominated e-mail address below for notices and other
      • you may withdraw your consent to the giving of notices and other documents by e-mail at any
        time; and
      • you have facilities to enable you to print the notice or other document sent to you by us by email if you desire.
  10. Verification of your identity using information at a credit reporting agency (CRA). To enable us to verify your identity, we may disclose personal information such as your name, date of birth and address to a CRA to obtain an assessment of whether that personal information matches information held by the CRA. The CRA may give us a report on that assessment and to do so may use personal information about you and other individuals in their files. Alternative means of verifying you are available on request. If we are unable to verify your identity using information held by a CRA we will provide you with a notice to this
    11065637.1 AOC AOC effect and give you the opportunity to contact the CRA to update your information held by them or verify your identity using an alternative method acceptable to us.

You authorise us to contact/request information from any person/company regarding your application. This includes the payroll department of your employer regarding your work and salary details. You authorise that person/company to provide such information.

If you do not provide personal information, we may be unable to arrange or provide credit for you.

You are aware:

  • (a) it is a criminal offence to put forward information or material that is not true or that you know to be false;
  • (b) that we are obliged to assess your application as unsuitable if we believe that if it is likely you will be unable to comply with your financial obligations under the contract or could only comply with substantial hardship, or the contract will not meet your requirements or objectives;
  • (c) we are paid a commission fee for arranging loans for you paid by the lender and in some cases a brokage fee may need to be paid by you;
  • (d) if you are obtaining finance secured by land and buildings the lender will usually require that property to be insured for its replacement value with the lender noted on the policy. We may refer you to a number of insurance companies who may be able to assist you. In doing so, we are not seeking to give you insurance advice or financial advice, and you understand that you are free to either accept one of the insurers we refer you to or select your own insurer.

You indemnify us from any loss cost or expense incurred by us arising directly or indirectly from you providing false or misleading information to us.