First Step Financial Solutions prides itself on a high level of service commitment to our customers. We have assembled a talented team of professionals versed in all aspects of lending. From the initial contact right up to settlement and during the life of a loan, the First Step Financial Solutions team will continue to provide its customers with its commitment to excellence.


The team at First Step Financial Solutions have a combined experience of 20 years in finance and managing companies. We understand our clients have different needs and are committed in helping them choose a loan most suitable to their needs. We process the loan application from start to finish ensuring and providing a hassle free and prompt settlement.

Our unique service has set First Step Financial Solutions apart from the rest.

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Pina Mammoliti PRINCIPAL


Pina Mammoliti is the driving force behind First Step Financial Solutions.  With over 17 years in the industry, Pina started FSFS in 2006 and grew the business to what it is today.

With her impressive breadth of fiscal knowledge, Pina is adamant about the business providing tailored financial advice for each of its clients.   Her leadership skills have created a positive company culture and her communication style, including her listening and questioning skills, allow her team to communicate effectively with clients and consistently exceed expectations.

Her business acumen and ethical approach have allowed her to make sound business decisions, setting her family-owned business apart from others in the industry. Overall, Pina Mammoliti’s skills, knowledge, and leadership have been the foundation for the growth, success, and reputation of her business.

Kylee Vojvodić

Head Of Credit

With a strong background supporting credit analysis and underwriting, Kylee is a 21-year veteran in the mortgage industry. She has built a reputation for her meticulousness, leadership, and commitment to ensuring the company’s success in the industry.

As the first ever employee of FSF Solutions, Kylee’s attention to detail is her defining quality. Her primary focus as Head of Credit Liaison is to ensure that everyone is happy, and all transactions run smoothly and effortlessly.
For her, making sure everyone wins is always the end goal.

Sam Mammoliti

General Manager

Sam is a highly skilled general manager with experience managing property and technology projects for over 15 years. He has a background in property development, including greenfield developments, and is an expert business analyst and strategist. Sam has achieved an impressive yearly average of 26.5% property value growth through his sound decision-making and analytical skills.

 He is a highly respected and inspiring leader who focuses on exceptional customer service and equipping employees for success. Sam’s strong leadership skills have been instrumental in the success and steady growth of the family-owned mortgage business.

Kay Park

chief financial OFFICER

Kay is a financial leader with over 16 years of experience in financial project management and systems accounting. A respected leader in his field, Kay is CPA accredited and plays a critical role in FSF Solutions in overseeing financial reporting and analysis, managing cash flow, and providing strategic guidance to the executive team.

His expertise in financial project management and system accounting provides the company with effective financial planning and management and his contributions have been instrumental in the success of FSF Solutions.