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5 Easy Steps to Start a Commercial Loan

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Complete First Step Financial Fact Finder and Information

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Check Credit File Rating

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First Step Financial Solutions will assess the information, and further consult upon the right solution

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Commercial Funding

If you want to buy a commercial property or refinance your existing loan, First Step Financial Solutions can help. Our expert team provide professional investors, developers and experienced owner occupiers with simple through to complex loans sourced from over a dozen lenders.

Some of the benefits of using First Step Financial Solutions to arrange your commercial mortgage includes;

Access to Australia’s leading commercial lenders
up to 75% LVR
Full doc and low doc commercial loans
Experienced commercial mortgage specialists

Are you considering a commercial loan? If so, having a team member from First Step Financial to assist you through the process is vital. Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation to discuss your needs.

Fact Sheets

You can contact Veda Advantage directly and apply for a copy online via

Whilst Veda Advantage charge you to obtain a copy of your file via their express service, everyone is entitled to a free copy of their file, all you have to do is ask and one will be sent to you in approximately 10 days.

It’s important for borrowers to be aware there are two types of mortgage insurance – the one
you pay to protect your lender, the other you pay to protect yourself, your family and your home.
Understanding the two types will ensure you’re not caught thinking you’re protected when you’re not.

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